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The microbiome – a novel paradigm in oncology research

5 Sep 2018

Guest Editors: James Kinross, Alasdair Scott and Julian Marchesi

This special issue explores the rapidly evolving field of the microbiome and cancer.  It consists of six articles from members of the International Cancer Microbiome Consortium which take readers through the technology and “omics” sciences underpinning microbiome research, including how the microbiome may cause cancer and the interaction of the microbiome with chemotherapeutics.

The issue provides a solid introduction and broad overview of microbiome-oncology research for clinicians and scientists who may be less familiar with this novel field.

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Watch Guest Editor Alasdair Scott discuss the various articles in the special issue.

Special Issue Articles

Alasdair J Scott, Claire A Merrifield, Jessica A Younes, Elizabeth P Pekelharing
Julian Marchesi, James Kinross, Anna Louise Pouncey, Alasdair James Scott, James Leslie Alexander
Saman Maleki Vareki, Ryan M Chanyi, Kamilah Abdur-Rashid, Liam Brennan, Jeremy P Burton
Luis AJ Mur, Sharon A Huws, Simon JS Cameron, Paul D Lewis, Keir E Lewis
Alasdair J Scott, James L Alexander, Anna L Pouncey, Julian Marchesi, James Kinross, Julian Teare
Julian R Marchesi, Benjamin H Mullish, Laura S Osborne, Julie AK McDonald