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The psychological impact of a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis on patients’ lives

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Published: 05.12.17
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Eva Schumacher-Wulf

A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer represents an emotionally challenging event in a woman’s life. Many patients experience uncertainty about their future and maintaining a positive outlook can be extremely difficult. In the last decade, advances in screening and disease management have greatly contributed to a decline in breast cancer deaths. However, the risk of treatment failure represents a major source of fear and anxiety for patients affected by aggressive malignancies.

Eva Schumacher-Wulf was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 34 years old. At the time, she grew frustrated by how difficult it was to decode technical medical information – so, two years later, she funded the German magazine “Mamma Mia!”, where women affected by breast cancer could learn more about their disease in a patient-friendly language. In this short interview, Mrs Schumacher-Wulf explains the psychological challenges patients have to face after a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. 

Visit to find out more about the global state of metastatic breast cancer, and to learn about the impact of breast cancer on women, please visit

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