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IARC Fellowships for Cancer Research

The call for applications for the following fellowships is open until 30 November 2015:

  • IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • IARC Senior Visiting Scientist Award
  • IARC Expertise Transfer Fellowship

The main objectives of the IARC Fellowship Programme are to provide training opportunities at IARC for scientists who wish to pursue a career in cancer research, ranging from biostatistics and epidemiology to laboratory sciences, and to create and facilitate collaborative research links between IARC and cancer researchers worldwide.

For 50 years, the IARC Fellowship Programme has trained 602 rigorously selected young scientists from 81 countries. Since 2005, IARC Postdoctoral Fellowships have been uniquely tenable at the Agency, and target scientists from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), or with research projects relevant to these countries in areas related to the Agency's own programme, and with an emphasis on interdisciplinary projects.

The Agency also attracts top international cancer researchers who spend varying periods of time contributing innovative and visionary research to the Agency’s programmes, which makes IARC an ideal environment for education, training, and expertise exchange.

IARC also offers an Expertise Transfer Fellowship that enables an established investigator to spend 6-12 months in an appropriate host institute in a low- or medium-resource country in order to transfer knowledge and expertise in a research area relevant for the host country, and related to the Agency's programmes.

The possibility of expanding the Fellowship Programme to include short-term stays at IARC (3-4 months) is being explored, in order to train promising candidates from LMICs in the basic skills needed for cancer research.

In addition to the IARC Fellows described above, the Agency hosts a number of junior and senior scientists supported by project funds from IARC Groups. A framework for hosting trainees, students, postdocs, and visiting scientists, funded either by the Fellowship Programme or directly by IARC Groups, has been developed and managed to ensure the quality of the hosting environment.

Visit IARC's page for more information

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