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Eighth Belgian Symposium on the Integration of Molecular Biology Advances into Oncology Clinical Practice

Our goal for this eighth meeting is as previous meetings, to bring together different oncology experts from different countries to discuss the most recent advances in molecular biology in oncology and their impact in clinical practice.

Furthermore and for the first time, a workshop on Tumour Sequencing and Precision Medicine will take place on the morning of November 28th just before the start of the symposium.  Indeed, genomics are integrated more and more in the discovery of predictive biomarkers as well as in clinical and translational research.

The workshop is a tutorial with the goal of familiarising participants to this important paradigm evolution.

Accreditation in Ethics and Economics has been requested.

We do think that the symposium and the workshop on Tumour Sequencing may add something new for you, oncologists in practice or in training, and we do hope you will be able to attend it. In order to organise the logistical issues related to this symposium, please complete this form (click here).

Go to the symposium website here.



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