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Writing case reports for ecancer

Priya Ranganathan, Sandeep B Bavdekar and CS Pramesh

PDF Published: 30 Jun 2015 /

Greater patient access to immuno-oncology therapies—what can policymakers do?

Francesco De Lorenzo, Suzanne Wait, Burçak Karaca, Cedrik M Britten, Marc van den Bulcke and the European Expert Group on Immuno-Oncology

PDF Published: 25 Feb 2015 /

Report from the First Latin American Urological Oncology Symposium (SLAURO) 19–21 June 2014, Viña del Mar, Chile

Christian Caglevic, Ivàn Pinto, Jaime Altamirano, Roberto Vilches, Eu Marìa Eliana San Martìn and Jorge Gallardo

PDF Published: 27 Nov 2014 /

The Clinical Practice of Oncology Nursing in Brazil: realities and challenges in the training of specialist nurses

Maria Gaby Rivero de Gutiérrez, Adriana Maria Duarte and Carla Gonçalves Dias

PDF Published: 03 Nov 2014 /

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