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A study of follow up care after treatment for lung cancer

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A trial looking at 2 new vaccines after surgery for melanoma skin cancer

Tumour: Melanoma & skin

A study to see if a new type of CT scan can help improve radiotherapy outcomes for non small cell lung cancer

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A trial looking at intraductal screening for women at moderate to high risk of developing breast cancer (RMNHS- 2278)

Tumour: Breast

A trial looking at adding AMG 102 and AMG 479 to chemotherapy for advanced small cell lung cancer

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A study looking at acupuncture and moxibustion to improve well being and quality of life for people with lymphoedema

Tumour: Head & neck

A trial using PET-CT scans to see how well chemotherapy is working for people with cancer of the pancreas

Tumour: Hepatobiliary pancreatic

A trial looking at radiotherapy with Tarceva for lung cancer that has spread to the brain (TACTIC)

Tumour: Lung & pleura

A trial comparing different ways of deciding on treatment after surgery, different types of chemotherapy and different types of hormone therapy for breast cancer (MINDACT)

Tumour: Breast

A study to understand more about an eye cancer called uveal melanoma (PROGENOM)

Tumour: Melanoma & skin

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